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Discover the Premier Cannabis Selection at Queen Cannabis

Choosing the right cannabis dispensary can make or break your buying and marijuana-consuming experience. This is why it’s essential to make sure your weed store is packed with all the high-quality goods you’re looking for and is easily accessible with affordable pricing.

Thankfully Queen Cannabis dispensary in New York offers that and more. They have an extensive product lineup that smoking and non-smoking cannabis enthusiasts would enjoy. The store also operates on a gifting economy model where shoppers must buy a supporting item to order the marijuana product. Thus the best way to explore the impressive menu is by doing a deep dive into each category to find out what the weed here consists of.

Here’s a guide to discovering the premier cannabis selection at Queen Cannabis.


Made precisely for the dabbers and vaporizers, these concentrates from Emerald MTN Extracts come in four different types of concentrates – diamonds, crumble, wax, and live rosin. Each has its texture and consistency to cater to various dabbing preferences. They are packaged into glass jars and placed in plastic boxes and can be used to infuse pre-rolls and edibles for enhanced potency.

Additionally, the diamonds and crumble are made with their flavor strains which are the noteworthy slurricane and sweet and fruity grape. These 1-gram extracts will set you back $50 to receive as a gift after buying art. Try it out at a cannabis dispensary in New York to experience the strong impact of up to 90% THC.


The flower selection at Queen Cannabis is a curated listing of mostly hybrids with Sativa and Indica enhanced for customers with a preferred appetite for those strains. The enhanced version of the Indica dominant Watermelon Zkittlez promises a best-of-both-worlds balanced high that feels mentally uplifting and relaxing.

Furthermore, cannabis lovers will instantly recognize the strain names of Strawberry Milkshake, Lemon Jack, and Boba Lychee as must-buy classics for their sweet and fruity aromas and earthy flavors. They’re the perfect company to help smokers unwind after a long day of activity or to keep energy and creativity up for more hours of productivity. Each flower is bottled in the Queen Cannabis logo to maintain freshness and can be purchased as a gift after spending $40 on beautiful digital artwork or apparel.


Deliciously appetizing, enticing, and packed with taste is the best way to describe the Queen Cannabis edibles menu. It consists of gummies and sweet and salty flavored dark and white chocolate bars. Non-smoking marijuana lovers can’t choose from the colorful boxes and tubes of gummies from notable cannabis product brands such as Wyld, Good Tide, Wonka Bar, and Punch Bar.


The pre-rolls at Queen Cannabis are a true smokers’ paradise for those who enjoy the convenience of lighting up without having to assemble their joints. Many of the products come in packs or bottles of 3.5g of five mini-sized rolls with varying amounts of THC content. Weed consumers will recognize the notable preroll brands such as Sluggers, Baby Jeter, and Glass House Farms Fields.

The best part about the pre-rolls is the concentrate-infused products that contain diamond, hash, kief, and live rosin to amplify the calming or energizing effects. This is made especially for cannabis smokers with a high tolerance looking for some potent extra kick. The delightful strain names like Bubble Bath, Euphoria, Churros, and Field Ummai Ice Cream make the prerolls enticing and hard to resist. For a $50-$70 purchase of eclectic art, you can get yourself a long-lasting preroll pack.


Of course, no cannabis dispensary in New York would be complete without a fine lineup of smoking equipment designed to create self-made rolls. They include ultra-thin, slow-burning
rice paper leaves and hemp paper sheets made with the finest high-quality cannabis ingredients.

Other objects are the commonly used smoking supplies that need restocking like lighters, vape pen batteries, and flower grinders. The stylish marijuana brand Blazy Susan comes with eco-conscious rolled pink cones of three in a pack, making it easy to assemble a handmade joint.


Vape enthusiasts are spoilt for choice at Queen Cannabis cartridge products. The Dime Industries and Pinnacle weed brands have outdone themselves with their collection of cartridges on offer at this staple weed store near you. Most of the THC levels inside contain up to 80% which is among the highest for all marijuana products.

Each tank product has a distinctive fruity flavor and familiar classic cannabis strains such as Blackberry Kush, OG Kush, Girl Scout Cookies, Wedding Cake, and Grandaddy Purp. The front packaging indicates where the strain is Indica, Sativa, or hybrid and the effects associated with each, making it a convenient and useful addition to buying this unmissable liquid gold. Prices range from $45-$55 when buying art of the same value.


The Queen Cannabis Dispensary in New York has a classic menu of weed products that entice diverse cannabis consumer tastes and lifestyles. For smokers, dabbers, and vapers there are prerolls, flowers, and cartridges full of highly potent THC and sweet flavors to enjoy after a busy day.

Meanwhile, nonsmokers can munch on edibles embedded with concentrate extracts and get a satisfying high. In the end, the only action left is to experiment and discover the best of what this premier weed store can offer you.

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