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Queen Cannabis: Exploring Edible and Topical Products at Dispensaries in NYC 

New York City is the place to be if you are looking for premium cannabis. Dispensaries in NYC are renowned for their massive product range and the incredible quality of the cannabis flowers cultivated by local cannabis growers. 

The edible and topical products are especially attractive because they taste so good, are so convenient to carry with you, and can offer such powerful effects. 

If you are in the mood for mouthwatering marijuana edibles or need topicals that can soothe pain or treat skin conditions then you should accompany us as we explore the delightful products available at Queen Cannabis. 

Exploring the Edibles at the Queen Cannabis Dispensary in NYC

When you visit the Queen Cannabis dispensary in NYC, you will be astonished by their incredible weed menu. This weed store offers a wide range of tasty THC-infused goodies to choose from. Some of the tasty edibles like cookies and brownies are more traditional while others are extremely modern with perfectly calculated THC dosages and rich flavors that will leave you craving for a next bite. 

Let’s explore some of the tasty edibles you should buy when you visit this store.

Chocolate Bars

The chocolate bars sold at Queen Cannabis will leave you feeling like a real queen because these treats are pure indulgence in terms of taste and experience.

Chocolate bars and chocolate bites are some of the most popular weed edibles you will find in the city. Everyone loves the silky smooth taste of chocolate and the rich aroma that the marijuana infusement offers.

The weed dispensary houses chocolate bars from infamous brands like Punch Bar and Wonka Bar. These premium brands have quite a few delectable chocolate flavors to choose from and each different flavour is a wonderful tasting experience. 

The chocolate bars can vary in THC dosage level but each block of the chocolate bar is carefully crafted to contain exact amounts of THC. This means you can easily manage your dosage by indulging in as many chocolate blocks as you like. 


Gummies are a huge hit here in New York City and you absolutely must try some of the delicious gummies available at the Queen Cannabis.

These tasty treats are hugely popular because they allow you to get your daily THC much more discreetly. After all, who would ever suspect something as sweet as a bright-colored candy? 

You can find cannabis-infused gummies from various reputable brands such as WYLD, Good Tide, O-rings, or Jelly Wizard.

Each of these brands has quite a few tasty cannabis gummy flavors to choose from. With tasty flavors like sour apple, elderberry, strawberry, sour cherry, and pomegranate, you can enjoy a different tasting experience every time you visit until you land on a favorite. 

The appetizing gummies are not only tasty, but they also make it very easy to receive your daily dose of THC. This is because every THC gummy included in the containers has precise levels of THC. They are also crafted from premium-quality cannabis ingredients and have surprisingly powerful effects. 

Baked Goodies

While most dispensaries tend to focus on chocolates and gummies, Queen Cannabis also offers something a little bit more classical. They distribute products from Quarantine. This weed-edible brand is renowned for its powerful chocolate brownies and chocolate chip cookies. 

The cookies or chocolate brownies are some of the most potent edibles you will find. These tasty baked treats are loaded with powerful dosages of up to 500mg THC. The incredible effects of the edibles should kick in after about 40 – 60 minutes and will leave you in a quarantine-like state. 

Baking Your Own Edibles

If you are a creative individual who loves baking then perhaps you might want to try your edibles. Queen Cannabis is all for those who love to bake and experiment. You can buy weed in NYC that can be included in baked goodies like cookies. 

It can be a lot of fun trying your hand at your own baked treats and it is also quite interesting to see how different weed hybrids affect the taste of baked goodies. 

Sampling Topicals at Queen Cannabis

Queen Cannabis also understands the need for other cannabis-infused products. That is why you will find a good range of topicals at this store. 

Cannabis topicals are creams or lotions that can be rubbed onto the skin. These remedies are ideal for treating localized areas.

Cannabis topicals can be handy for treating several skin conditions such as rashes or eczema. The treatments are also ideal for treating localized pain or inflammation in specific areas. You can use it on your wrists to soothe the painful effects of carpal tunnel syndrome or rub the ointments on your hips to manage pain associated with agin. 

Marijuana topicals are a royal treatment for anyone dealing with skin conditions or pain and it is a perfect product to have on hand if you are accident prone. 

Making Your Own Topicals

If you cannot find any topicals you like in stock then Queen Cannabis has an alternative solution. 

You can always buy concentrates like diamonds, crumble, wax, or live rosin from this dispensary. These concentrates can be combined with lotions so you can craft your soothing topical creams. 

Let’s Puff On

Dispensaries in NYC are perfect for anyone who loves the sweet taste and aroma of tasty edibles and Queen Cannabis is the very best dispensary to buy from.

Here you will find something new, interesting, and tasty every time you visit and you can have your pick at a wide range of topicals that can soothe any irritation or pain. 

If you are in New York City then we welcome you to make the drive to 304 E 62nd Street. This dispensary is well worth your time and a perfect store to choose if you need a good go-to dispensary to rely on.

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