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Big Chief Edibles

Big Chief Gummies Sourz

THC 500mg


Big Chief Gummies Sourz

Product Info: Nano Sour mango, sour berry, limeade nano gummies. 500mg per pack, 50mg per piece
Product Description: Introducing Big Chief Gummies Sourz EXTRA STRONG – a unique blend of tangy flavors that will elevate your high to new heights. Each pack contains 10 Nano Infused bites of sour lemon, green apple, and blue raspberry flavors that will tantalize your taste buds and leave you feeling euphoric. Whether you’re looking for a fun snack or an added boost to your high, Big Chief Gummies Sourz are the perfect choice. Made with the highest quality ingredients, our gummies offer a 100% absorption rate for maximum effects. Don’t wait, order your pack today and experience the most sour high with Big Chief Gummies Sourz!

Purchase Disclaimer: The price reflected above represents the amount you must spend on digital art or apparel to receive this gift with your purchase.

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