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Chill Out – Cherry Trance

THC 42.37%


Chill Out – Cherry Trance

Product Info: 12 Diamond Infused Pre-Rolls
Product Description: Cherry Trance by Forbidden Flowers – the perfect wind-down solution. Made with a potent Indica strain, this pre-roll is characterized by its delicious fruity notes, large fuzzy buds, and sedative effects. Perfect for unwinding after a long day at work. Whether you’re a recreational or medical user, Cherry Trance is the perfect choice for those seeking a relaxing high to help forget worries and find inner peace. Order now and experience calmness with Cherry Trance! Allow yourself to let go of stress and tension and find the calm you need with each puff.

Purchase Disclaimer: The price reflected above represents the amount you must spend on digital art or apparel to receive this gift with your purchase.

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