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Pear Gummies

CBD + Hybrid Enhanced
THC 100mg


Pear Gummies

Product Info: CBD + Hybrid Enhanced Gummies 100mg of THC per container 10mg per piece
Product Description: Confused about THC? Let’s talk about CBG for a minute! THC and CBG work together much like CBD and THC do, creating a synergistic effect for greater relaxation. CBG (Cannabigerol) is a cannabinoid, a compound found in the cannabis plant, and it is associated with effects similar to CBD, especially when used with THC. It’s often referred to as the “Mother of all Cannabinoids”, as it’s found in the early stages of the cannabis plant’s maturation cycle. CBG is perfect for maintaining balance between body and mind, and it’s often used as a recovery agent for athletes. It’s like a bubble bath for your brain – enjoy!

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