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Rainbow Road

THC 38%


Rainbow Road

Product Info: Diamond Infused / Hash Infused/ Rolled in Kief / 5 pk
Product Description: Introduce yourself to the world of Rainbow Road pre-rolls, a unique and vibrant way to elevate your mood and boost your creativity. These premium, sativa-dominant pre-rolls are carefully crafted with a lively and uplifting vibe that will send you to a place of positivity and inspiration. Whether you’re looking to boost your creativity, enhance your focus, or simply enjoy a happy and upbeat high, these fruity, sweet-smelling rolls are the ideal companion for your next adventure. Light up a Rainbow Road pre-roll and with each puff, you’ll feel a burst of energy and uplifting sensations that will help you to feel more motivated, focused, and creative. Don’t wait any longer, step in and experience it for yourself!

Purchase Disclaimer: The price reflected above represents the amount you must spend on digital art or apparel to receive this gift with your purchase.

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