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Turn Up / Distillate Disposable

Watermelon Sugar High

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Watermelon Sugar High

Product Info: Disposable / 1 Gram / Distillate/ Sweet & Juicy , Happiness, Summer Soundtrack
Product Description: Introducing Watermelon Sugar High, a sweet and refreshing strain with a distinct fruity flavor that’ll send you to a tropical paradise. Known for its ability to both relax and stimulate, this versatile strain is perfect for deep philosophical conversations or lounging in a hammock and watching the clouds pass by. It’s also popular for sparking new ideas or getting a fresh perspective on old ones! Happiness and summer tunes all in one, our Watermelon Sugar High strain is hand-curated from seed to pen to ensure pure, fresh, and clean California goodness. Don’t miss out, order now and take a trip to a tropical paradise with Watermelon Sugar High!

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