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Discover the Best NYC Dispensaries: Where to Buy Legal Weed in New York

The legalization of marijuana In New York has sprouted up new opportunities for cannabis lovers to buy weed products. Currently, the only legal way to buy recreational and medical marijuana weed in New York is through licensed dispensaries. The Office of Cannabis Management or OCM regulates these stores. This ensures the safety and quality of the cannabis being sold and equitably facilitates business practices. 

These dispensaries offer abundant cannabis products and are expected to apply for licensing at the end of 2023. As the industry continues to evolve, more dispensaries are expected to open, providing greater accessibility to legal weed for consumers in New York.

Here’s where to buy legal weed in New York. 

Queen Cannabis NY

Despite being a newcomer to the marijuana scene, Queen Cannabis NYC located on the Upper East Side, has already made a lasting impression on weed consumers in the city. This dispensary is committed to providing a safe environment for patrons to shop and have a comfortable retail experience. Its knowledgeable budtender staff are engaging and welcoming to customers who need assurance when buying weed, answer questions, and give recommendations

The NYC dispensary complies with the city’s marijuana laws by keeping its products well below the 24-gram and three-ounce maximum amount allowed for individuals to possess at a time. This includes pre-rolls, live resin, edibles, concentrates, and flowers that are between 1 to 3.5 grams. Additionally, all their weed is shipped in from California to ensure it’s of the highest quality. The store works on a gifting economy where patrons must buy art to receive weed products.

The Botanist 

As a medical marijuana dispensary, The Botanist is dedicated to serving only the highest-quality weed products to medical cannabis patients in NYC. Located in Queens, this store provides elegantly packaged, trademarked, and self-branded products. It includes medical pre-rolls, CBD oils, topical creams, vapes, and edibles that are rooted in science and patient care sold in a maximum of seven grams to observe the law. 

Furthermore, the online and retail shop offers patient information, helpful documents, answered questions, and resources for customers who want to join the medical marijuana program and obtain a card to shop at their facilities. With a near-perfect rating for the New New York dispensary, The Botanist is one of the most trustworthy establishments to buy legal weed in the city.  


Fashion, music, and art are at the heart of this cannabis dispensary in Union Square Park. Dazed is a hub of recreational cannabis culture that’s easily accessible to New Yorkers with a wide array of marijuana products to choose from. It features premium weed such as OG kush flowers, vapes, edibles, and prerolls that come in 1 to 3.5-gram quantities. 

The larger items are sold in 4 to 28 grams which can be bought for pickup and storage, so customers can still stay compliant with the 24-gram legal limit. All the weed is sorted into categories and contains important details such as the CBD and THC potency, effects, brands, and weight to ensure patrons shop assured and safely. A near-perfect rating on review sites and satisfying customer service have proven that Dazed is one of the best NYC dispensaries to legally buy cannabis. 

Housing Works Cannabis Co.

Housing Works scores high on the legal weed trustworthy scale as they boast of having the first licensed cannabis dispensary owner. Since then, the NYC dispensary located in Manhattan has provided customers with premium-quality weed from CBD-infused drinks to concentrates, accessories, and edibles made by notable brands. 

The products are sold at a maximum of 14 grams to stay within the law and contain the THC and CBD information to help patrons make informed decisions when buying cannabis. What makes Housing Works Cannabis Co. a standout dispensary to buy legal weed is its advocacy, activism, and upliftment of the cannabis community in New York. They support the Housing Works nonprofit organization which assists individuals affected by drug criminalization while supporting non-judgemental substance use programs. This makes them a staple figure in the legal weed-buying market. 

Gotham NYC

Gotham is more than just a New York cannabis dispensary, it’s a high-end apparel, lifestyle brand, and retail store that caters to all things cannabis culture. Gotham NYC seems to have everything from clothing and merchandise to accessories, home decor, affluent gifting, skincare, and beauty. Its cannabis selection doesn’t disappoint either as the curated menu of edibles, flowers, tinctures, and pre-rolls are all wrapped in ultra-modern design packaging. 

Many of their menu offering are sold as gift sets which include body creams and tote bags instead of the usual single-product items. These high-quality weed products are locally grown in Hudson Valley and support cannabis business’ equity initiatives by stocking from minority-owned cultivators. The cannabis is kept to a maximum of 3.5 grams quantity to stay in line with New York’s weed possession laws


Knowing where to shop and buy legal weed in New York is essential to adhere to the law. The Office of Cannabis Management is an organization that governs dispensaries in New York and sets requirements for all the soon-to-be licensed stores. 

The shops listed above are recognized for ensuring they comply with the set rules by only stocking high-quality products that are less than the maximum possession amount in New York. This is to keep customers safe when buying and foster trust and reliability within the cannabis community. 

Therefore they are considered as the best places to buy legal weed in New York. Aside from their compliance, they’ve also earned praise for excellent customer service, fair pricing, and welcoming shopping experience. 

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